Rider Education

With two qualified instructors, we offer ongoing support to all clientele and the training programs are flexible to suit the goals of individuals. All ages and all experience levels are catered for in a safe and fun environment. The patience and kindness of our school horses make for a pleasurable ride.

Cristogracia offers an individualised training approach combining the principles of Classical Dressage and Natural Horsemanship to help develop both horse and rider from the early stages to competitive levels.

Great importance is placed on the developing relationship between horse and rider, with the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing uppermost in the process. Training is demanding and a respectful approach preserving the spirit of both pays dividends.

Equestrian art is the perfect understanding and harmony between horse and rider.
                  ~ Nuno Oliveira

Classical in-hand & riding Clinic

  • Learn to use your back to allow your horse to become light in your hands
  • 1/2 day $120.00 GST included
  • 1 day $250.00 GST included
  • 2 day $480.00 GST included

Natural Horsemanship Clinic

  • Hands on training
  • Have fun learning to communicate with your horse
  • 1/2 day $120.00 GST included
  • 1 day $250.00 GST included
  • 2 day $480.00 GST included

Working Equitation

  • Now a registered and recognized discipline here in Australia
  • A fun way to train seriously!
  • Chris Maudsley has been accredited as an instructor by Australian founder Gill Kennerley
  • rivate 45 min sessions $80.00 GST included
  • Private half hour sessions $55.00 GST included
  • Group session $55.00 per person GST included (4 students)

Personal Sessions

  • You choose the skills that you wish to improve
  • Private 45 min sessions $80 inc GST 
  • Private half hour sessions $55 inc GST
  • Contact us to chat about your personal sessions

Our training services include a variety of Clinics, Personal lessons, and Training Sessions. We are happy to tailor our training to your needs, ring Chris and Grant (07) 40951010 or email cristogracia@hotmail.com to have a chat about your requirements.

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Qualified instructors teach balance and position A Students practice position basics. Students learn groundwork basics. Students learn Natural Horsemanship techniques. Students learn grooming basics.


Ruby“I first came to Cristogracia in June of 2008 for work experience. During this week I was introduced to Classical Dressage and Natural Horsemanship and I fell in love with this extraordinary way of working with horses through a partnership rather than through force.

I started to attend clinics and lessons and then in September I had my horse Evening Star started under saddle. During this time I did a further two weeks of work experience to learn and be a part of the process of starting and educating young horses. It was with Chris's help that I was able to form such a strong bond and solid foundation with Evening from the start.

For the last five months I have been coming to Cristogracia on Thursdays for work experience, including weekends and holidays. I am privileged enough to be on the 2009 show team and it has been a brilliant few months preparing horses for the shows. Chris and Grant have been so supportive and helpful and they are always happy to share their experiences and knowledge. I have them to thank for how far I have come in such a short period of time and I am forever grateful for everything they have done for me. I hope I am with them for many years to come as I feel the knowledge I have gained and the memories I have will be with me for life.”
Jess Croft & Kandy“After having a number of falls from a horse that wasn't suited to my riding ability, Chris has built up my confidence to enable me to work with horses safely. The time I have spent at Cristogracia has helped me to udnerstand more about how horse's think and act. Chris has taught my filly, Kandy, and I Horsemanship Games to enable us to communicate better with each other. She has also taught us float loading techniques. Chris offered that I could particpate in starting kandy under saddle to further my knowledge. Coming to Cristogracia and working with Chris and her Andalusian's has widened my knowledge of the versatility of the Spanish Horse.”
Jess Croft & Kandy
“I am most grateful, for the recommendation I received from a friend, when she handed me a card from Cristogracia.

Our daughter Tahnee (who began riding lessons with Chris when she was 2½) was the youngest student in the school and I believe, still is.

Not only have we made a lovely new friend, but have gained a healthy respect for the manner in which Chris teaches .Not only to ride but, also the care and upkeep of horse and saddlery. With safety for horse and rider being number one priority.

I myself, rode for most of my young life ,Shows , Gymkhanas, Barrel Race, One Day Events etc, pretty much an all-rounder. I thought I knew quite a lot about horses, but still, I learned so much more from, the unique way Chris brings the necessary basics (when first starting out), and delivers it to the student at an age appropriate level, in a fun way.

Chris is very thorough and ensures the student, develops a sound knowledge of and a great foundation for, good horsemanship. Bobby always receives the necessary care and cleaning of his feet and coat, carried out by, the student before beginning.

At Tahnee’s age Chris and I were not sure whether she would be able to hold her concentration for any length of time. Tahnee is almost 4 now and in Chris words she is a natural.

I believe that Chris has had the ability to bring out Tahnee’s natural ability and to help her gain confidence in her own ability.

For anyone looking to have their child/children, taught good Horsemanship, in a safe environment, with a friendly instructor. I believe you can’t go past Chris, at Cristogracia, Spanish Horse Stud. It has been a very rewarding experience. ”
Wendy Pearce