Horse Training

Cristogracia has a solid reputation for producing light, responsive horses with confidence in their riders. A balanced training approach using a combination of Classical Dressage and Natural Horsemanship methods are used to allow horse and human to build a partnership of mutual trust and friendship. Offering long and short term training, starting youngsters under saddle and reeducation.

Together Chris and Grant turn out beautifully educated horses who are well socialised and genuinely enjoy their work. Their philosophy of starting young horses is very focused on building each horse's confidence in people without taking away any of its natural curiosity, personality and desire to play.

Training a horse is above all feeling and trying, according to what you feel, to help the horse and not to force him.                   ~ Nuno Oliveira (1976)

Starting Youngsters Under Saddle

  • We cater to the horse's needs
  • Individual assessment plus a holistic plan
  • Extra time negotiable
  • Prices start at $1650 inc GST
  • Troubled horses start at $2200 inc GST

Horse Education

  • Holistic approach & individual training routines
  • Owner participation encouraged to learn how your horse thinks
  • Float loading, re-education & ground work
  • $550.00 per week

  • Classical Dressage
  • Ongoing training programs to suit individual goals
  • Softness, lightness & suppleness
  • Lunging, work in-hand & long reining
  • Basic to advanced for horse & rider
  • $80 inc GST per hour

Our training services include a variety of Clinics, Personal lessons, and Training Sessions. We are happy to tailor our training to your needs, ring Chris and Grant (07) 40951010 or email to have a chat about your requirements.

Chris & Grant Gymkhana Gymkhana


Silkwood Ridge  Quarter Horses“I have spent the last 16 years here in Far North Qld breeding Quarter Horses and making our stud safe for our beautiful stock, only to be very disheartened by the non-professional so-called horse breakers that are available and mark my work, there are plenty of bashers around. Our animals have had to endure this sort of pain. NO MORE.

At long last, just by chance, I found the most wonderful couple who train our young stock now. I am amazed at how Honey, my pure-bred buckskin filly, returned home in the best frame of mind. I ride her every other weekend and she has never put a foot wrong. I would recommend Chris and Grant at Cristogracia to anybody that loves horses as we do. Their natural horsemanship methods are well above any you will find anywhere.”
Silkwood Ridge Quarter Horses
Lynelle Jenkyns & Paul Barra
Shiralee Wegmann & Kadia“I first came to Cristogracia in 2003 to re-educate my Arab, Kadia. he only had very basic knowledge and was extremely flighty and fresh. During my time Chris taught Kadia and me Natural Horsemanship Games. This helped me build my confidence and learn the skills to work with highly strung horses. Since then I have done endurance riding with him and after being away at Agricultural College for the last two years I am still able to come back and we both have full confidence in each other to the games and I ride him bareback with a halter...even mustering!!!

At the end of 2007 I started working full time at Cristogracia furthering my knowledge in starting youngsters and handling different types of breeds of horses. Chris and I work together to prepare youngsters for sale, re-educating horses for re-sale and re-educating horses with float loading difficulties. I enjoyed my time assisting with the teasing, serving and scanning of the mares during breeding season.

I am very thankful that I have had the opportunity to spend so much time at Cristogracia. The things I have learnt here have advanced my skills and understanding so I can pursue a full-time career in the horse industry.”
Shiralee Wegmann & Kadia
Andrew & Mary Coghlin“Our introduction to Cristogracia was to re-educate our horse to float load. Our horse wouldn't go near a float after someone put an electric jigger on his rump while loading (just to hurry him up). After a week at Cristogracia (for the horse and owner to learn) he now loves the float and our aim is for him to go on by himself and stay standing while we have a cuppa.

Chris has gaught us the benefits of the natural horsemanship games and groundwork. This has resulted in a huge improvement and enjoyment for both horses and riders.

Andrew & Mary CoghlinOur 4yo child had a few sessions with Chris and her school pony Bobby. We were astounded by his enthusiasm and ability which led him to compete and win plenty of ribbons against under 12’s during show season. He will have a wonderful relationship with horses as he grows.

Thank you for giving us the skills and confidence to really enjoy our horses.

Whether you wish to start a horse, re-educate or gain confidence and skills yourself, Cristogracia offers a warm, welcoming atmosphere, (including an indoor arena).

There is an obvious love and care show to each individual horse at Cristogracia and owners are encouraged to become involved, which offers long-term benefits to both horse and rider. ”
Andrew & Mary Coghlan