Cristogracia Aliento 

Cristogracia Aliento

Breed: Spanish P.R.E.
Gender: Colt
Height: Mature approx. 15.2hh
Colour: Grey

Pure Andalusian AHAA Registered SO1839

Cristogracia Aliento is the undisputed clown of Cristogracia, and always seeks to play with something, be it food bins, water troughs, wheelbarrows, rakes, unsuspecting passersby….the list goes on. While not being the class clown, Aliento enjoys embarking upon the initial stages of his Dressage career, and shows excellent aptitude for this exacting discipline, despite his light-hearted nature. He has also shown talent for the Show ring, and has as several successes in the in hand as well as Hack ring.

Aliento is by the late grey stallion Alegria Serio, who was a winner in many disciplines, from the Dressage arena to the Show ring in both ridden and under saddle. He is out of the mare Rangemore Condessa, a compact and solid mare with a sweet, kind and gentle temperament who was a successful broodmare before embarking upon a ridden career, and who has taught many people to ride.


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Cristogracia Aliento

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