PDC Ernesto

PDC Ernesto

PDC Ernesto is a fine example of the Andalusian breed, and exudes characteristic Spanish presence and flamboyance. He is now under saddle and commencing his Dressage and Working Equitation training, and has been lightly campaigned to date. He has captured judges attention in the show ring with numerous led in class accolades, and is sure to add ridden achievements to his resume in the future. PDC Ernesto has several promising young horses on the ground, who have excellent temperaments and conformation, and who will enter the competition arena in the near future.  

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In Loving Memory

Andalusian Horses

VALE Alegria Serio & Alegria Agraciado


It is with great sadness that Cristogracia announces the tragic passing of the two great stallions Algeria Serio and Algeria Agraciado.

Separately and together, these two stallions both In hand and under saddle achieved many accolades and captured the hearts and minds of so many. They also did much to promote and genetically improve the Andalusian breed within Australia.

Their hoofbeats may have faded from this world, but their legacy and memory live on in their numerous offspring.



by Paige Cerulli
As my candle, burning bright.
Sends shadows off in this dark night
It offers peace and hope and love
To the horses dancing up above
My prayers and thoughts will help them find
Beloved friends they left behind
So they may comfort us in turn
Ans thus it is my candle burns
With quiet tears, lovingly shed
I hear the horses overhead
Their pounding hooves are thunder stirred
For another friend has joined the herd.


Breeding Program

Andalusian Horses With carefully selected stallions, the breeding program at Cristogracia carries on in the Spanish tradition, emphasising the unique charismatic temperament, high intelligence and willingness to go that extra mile. Cristogracia is approved as a breeding stud of P.R.E. horses with the Cria Caballar (the Spanish Stud Book). During their assessment, both stallions were highly regarded by the Spanish Revision team.

Grant and Chris feel that it is important that the stallions prove their genetic desirability as sires by themselves performing well within the competition arena. Indeed Agraciado and Serio are the main dressage competition horses for Chris and young rider Ruby Goodsell respectively.

Together the partnerships enjoy their ongoing training and the stallions have been rewarded for their efforts with Supremes and Championship wins in-hand and ridden. They are also regularly ridden in the company of mares and geldings, have frolicked at Mission Beach and perform well together in the Pas de deux.