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We proudly stand at stud PDC Ernesto who is a fine example of the Andalusian breed, and exudes characteristic Spanish presence and flamboyance. He has several promising young horses on the ground, who have excellent temperaments and conformation.






Our mares are carefully selected to complement the stallion’s characteristics and to produce high performance horses adaptable to all disciplines. They have a special place in our heart and are adored for their beautiful friendly temperaments, correct conformation and movement.






Careful and selective breeding resulting in beautiful, true to type foals with expressive movement, correct conformation and loving temperaments. All foals bred are registered with the Andalusian Association of Australia and eligible foals are inscribed with the Pura Raza Espanola Association of Australasia & ANCCE.



Spanish Horses


Andalusian Horses At first sight the Spanish horse impresses with its sculptural beauty, proud bearing, natural high action and friendly, docile temperament. The horse is strongly built and yet extremely elegant; naturally high-stepping and yet has catlike agility; and while he presents a picture of spirited animation under the saddle or in-hand, he is at all times perfectly amenable to the handler.

The beauty is a balanced symmetry of noble proportions. The head is majestic, with large, kind well-set eyes, and well placed ears. The neck is reasonably long, broad yet elegant and well crested in the stallions. Well defined withers precede a short back (from whence comes the notable agility) which links to broad strong quarters. The croup is gently rounded, being neither horizontal nor steeply sloped. The tail setting is low, and both tail and mane are luxuriant and silky and worn long. The horse’s shoulder is long and sloping, the chest splendidly broad and the body is well-ribbed-out. The legs are of medium length, clean-cut and elegant, yet more than strong enough to support the robustness of the body.

~Extract from The History of the Spanish Andalusian Horse, Andalusian Horse Association of Australasia, Information Booklet 1992

This breed of horse is recommended with confidence for all horse enthusiasts whether in search of a professional equine partner to reach the highest level of competition or simply as a loved family member that will be enjoyed for many years to come. The perfect combination of correct physical attributes, mental balance, harmony, intelligence and will to work make the Spanish horses excel in any and all disciplines.

Breeding Program

Andalusian Horses With two carefully selected stallions, the breeding program at Cristogracia carries on in the Spanish tradition, emphasising the unique charismatic temperament, high intelligence and willingness to go that extra mile. Cristogracia is approved as a breeding stud of P.R.E. horses with the Cria Caballar (the Spanish Stud Book). During their assessment, both stallions were highly regarded by the Spanish Revision team.

Grant and Chris feel that it is important that the stallions prove their genetic desirability as sires by themselves performing well within the competition arena. Indeed Agraciado and Serio are the main dressage competition horses for Chris and young rider Ruby Goodsell respectively.

Together the partnerships enjoy their ongoing training and the stallions have been rewarded for their efforts with Supremes and Championship wins in-hand and ridden. They are also regularly ridden in the company of mares and geldings, have frolicked at Mission Beach and perform well together in the Pas de deux.