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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Baroque Horse Magazine

Baroque Horse Magazine is a bi-monthly printed and online magazine for all baroque breeds. The concept of BHM was founded here in Australia and quickly expanded into a global magazine enabling all baroque horse lovers world-wide the opportunity to be apart of a truly unique publication. Be sure to visit your local newsagent to get this very special 1 year Anniversary issue. Featured in the magazine is our 2012 Stallion Ad, designed by the talented Carolynne Smith.

For baroque horse people, by baroque horse people!

Baroque Horse MagazineSAS

Monday, September 24, 2012



Today we welcomed the lovely residents of Blue Care & OzCare to Cristogracia. Two privately booked groups of 30 enjoyed displays of natural horsemanship, long-reining, vaulting, liberty work, comedy skits and authentic Spanish costumes. With many smiles and cheers, it was an absolute pleasure to share the magic of horses.

Cristogracia offers public performances to private groups. We tailor the displays to suit each organization. For details on bookings please phone Chris on (07) 40951010.

Visit the performance page here>>

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Breeding Season

Breeding SeasonAgraciado and Serio are available by AI and Live Cover to outside mares. Chilled semen for national dispatch now available (see below). To secure a booking, please phone +(61) 0740951010 or email
The stallions and contract can be viewed by clicking here.

Artificial insemination may be used in all breeding stock. Nevertheless, the PRE Breeding Program Committee has established that embryo transfer shall be limited to one (1) foal per year for mares with basic approval (the same as up to now using natural covering). All other Breeding Mares (Young Recommended Breeding Stock, Qualified Breeding Stock, Improver Breeding Stock and Elite Breeding Stock) and all the sire stallions will have no limits for the time being, provided their category is up to date. (Extract from LG PRE ANCCE Reports June 2012).

This is excellent for Australia with the great distances to travel for mares going into foal with stallions!  It will open up the gene pool within Australia.  Embryo transfer is also fabulous, however we are at this stage unable to get embryos into Australia through quarantine, but will mean that mares within Australia can compete while a surrogate carries and brings up the foal.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

New Website

2010 Breeding SeasonWelcome to the new website of Cristogracia Spanish Horse Stud & Training Facility. Many thanks to the brilliant Carolynne Smith of PixelGraphix for creating a site that is professional and artistic. Thank you to Danielle Skerman, Karin Boldt and Tina Dial, who have each captured the horses in such a unique and beautiful light. We would like to thank our clients, friends & family for supporting the breeding and training program. You are all an important part of the Cristogracia family and our lives are better for your influence & friendship.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Major Miguel Tavora

AHAA Roll of MeritIn late April, Major Miguel Tavora visited Far North Queensland to conducted a three day clinic at the Tepon Equestrian Park. Born in Lisbon, Portugal, Miguel was a student of Nuno Oliveira from the age of eight, moving on to a Portuguese military career, achieving the position of Chief Instructor and Director of the Equitation Division of the Mafra Civilian Riding Academy. After retiring from the army Miguel moved to Australia on Nuno’s recommendation, and he has become renowned Australia wide as a master of equitation.

Miguel’s passionate training approach, based on classical equitation, made for a comprehensive learning experience. Clinic participants and spectators benefited from his experienced eyes and individual assessment of each horse and rider combination.

At the clinic Chris enjoyed working in hand with Serio and Agraciado, developing suppleness and collection as together with Miguel they worked towards the piaffe and spanish walk. Ruby rode Serio over the three days and worked on developing equal balance and suppleness, building exercises towards collection. A big thank you to Jannie Smit and Viola Barnes for arranging the clinic.

A second clinic has been scheduled for the 14, 15 & 16th of September 2012. For more details visit the Tepon Equestrian Park website.

Horse North attended the clinic and wrote a great article in Vol. 2 Issue 7. Click here to read more.

Miguel and Dianne run their own Equestrian Centre, M & D Tavora School of Equitation. Click here to visit their website.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jose mendez

The opportunity to learn from the passionate horseman Jose Mendez, born in Jerez De La Frontera, Spain, was something not to be missed. A last minute change of venue due to torrential rainfall did not deter an eager group of riders and spectators - equipped with Gumboots, raincoats and waterproof rugs - as we travelled over to Tepon Equestrian Park for the three day clinic.

Jose’s love for horses began early, joining the Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestre at age twelve. After leaving Spain he moved to Australia, captivating the public with Haute Ecole performances at gala evening shows such as Equitana and El Caballo Blanco. Jose uses his ability and knowledge to help fellow Equestrians understand the communication necessary between horse and rider. His methods are based on appreciation, sincerity and kindness.

Jose is an incredible teacher and addressed issues with horses/people without confrontation to the horse - he seemed to have an exercise to work on this ... to fix that. His work was simply brilliant, creating a language between horse and rider that achieved remarkable results. What we all enjoyed most of all was his genuine love for horses - all horses, every single one of them - and they loved him.

Chris and Grant with Agraciado and Ruby with Serio and Hugo (Argento) thoroughly enjoyed their lessons. Jose worked alongside the horses with a bamboo cane as they further developed collection, all the while showcasing beautiful expression.

On Saturday evening Jose picked up the long reins and this led to an impromptu night time display as he danced around the arena with Agraciado. It was magic to watch and the appreciative audience describe it as the highlight of a fantastic weekend.

The clinic, organised by Colleen Jackson, was bright and refreshing. A great atmosphere made for a joyful, fun learning experience and everyone walked away smiling. The Master Chef of the weekend, Colin Jackson, did a remarkable job cooking up delicious feasts and keeping us all well fed!

We eagerly look forward to Jose’ visiting the North once again in November. For more details visit the Tepon Equestrian Park website.